Monday, December 1, 2008

PWM Installed on Kelisa 1000cc + O2 Sensor Signal Modifier Ver 3.1

The following videos shows our PWM system installed and running under 5 Amps.
The flashing red LED indicates that the HydroGenesis O2 Sensor Signal Modifier Ver. Zilla 3.1 coordinate well with the vehicle's ECU unit.

Friday, November 7, 2008

O2 Sensor Voltage Adder Signal Modifier

E.F.I.E / O2 sensor Voltage Adder Signal Modifier V3.1
Diagnosis of the O2 sensor involves visual, circuit and component checks.
Installation should be done by a wiring mechanic.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proton Waja

HG-Mira 3.0 with ECD + O2 Sensor Signal Modifier.

Etching PCB 1 of 2

These are the steps taken in order to produce circuit board.

1) Designing the circuit schematics and layout ...

2) Print it on paper for checking purposes ......

3) Print them onto transparency using a Laser Jet printer.....

4) Transferring layout onto PCB board.... make sure that the copper mounted surface is smooth and is thoroughly cleaned ....

5) This is the old conventional method of transferring the layout onto the copper board through heat transfer process....time consuming.... approximately 3 to 5 minutes .....


HG-Mira 3.0

Well, I guess this is the first time I'm uploading the better view of my product. This is a complete set that goes to my customer.

Stainless Steel Generator
Reservoir Tank

This is the polished version of the Generator.

Electronic items includes :
Electronic Controller Device (ECD)
MAF/MAP Sensor Stimulator
O2 Sensor Signal Modifier
Cables Wires

Most of the electronic devices were produce in-house...
and i do supply the ECD,MAF/MAP Sensor Stimulator,O2 Sensor Signal Modifier to DIY personals...

Etching PCB 2 of 2


6a) Dip the board into Ferric Chloride acid to remove the copper layer. Shake the container momentarily for faster results.....

6b) Notice that the copper layer has been wash/wipe off....

7) After a few minutes of acid bath process... the expose copper layer is totally removed.

8) Wash the board with water to clean the remaining acid...

9) Clean the printed ink with alcohol or spirit...

Toyota Unser

Hi...sorry for my late entry.
This Toyota Unser is equip with HG-Mira 3.0 with Electronic Controller Device + O2 Sensor Signal Modifier.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Proton Gen2

The box with knob (last pic.) is our O2 sensor signal modifier installed in this vehicle.

Perodua Kelisa

Perodua Myvi 1300cc

The box with 2 knobs is our MAP sensor stimulator installed at the dashboard. It is for the customer's convenient to tune between city and highway driving.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stainless Steel Tubes

Hi everyone...
I'm selling off some stainless steel tubes for those who are interested in DIY HHO especially for beginners. Based on my experience when I started this project 5 years ago, I don't know where to purchase those tubes in loose form. I have to buy it in one length (6 metres / 20 feet), which cost me quite a sum of money. It's definitely a hard decision to make since I only need it for testing purposes only. Then, I have to think of cutting it into smaller pieces (for storage) and then send it for machining.

Eversince I've been in this project and currently into more complicated design, there's bunch of spare stainless steel tubes left in my inventory. I have lack of time to fully utilize them into my latest design, therefore it should be better off if I could sell it to those who have interest in building and experimenting their own HHO system. As I mentioned earlier, it might be useful for those beginners and newbies.

Here are the picture of the tubes including the specifications. I have 3 types all together. Click on them for larger image.

If you buy them in sets of 3, you only have to pay RM45.
If interested, you can contact Joe at 012-6923525
or email at

I'm willing to share my knowledge and guide those who are keen of learning.
Since HHO's system complies with electronics, I do sell those electronic gadgets which I produce in-house. E.g : PWM, O2 Signal Modifier and MAP/MAF Stimulator.

Proton Wira

Installing HG-Mira 3.0 on Proton Wira (carburetor).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toyota Estima

Proton Saga

This Saga (carburetor) works well with HG-Mira 3.0. It can easily save 40% of fuel consumption.

Monday, September 22, 2008


HG-Mira Ver 1.o
installed on a Mercedes Benz Masterpiece E200.
Manage to save 50% of daily fuel consumption...Data is base on owner's feedback testimonial.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey


This Odyssey calibrated with Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) device to achieve the best outmost tuning. Notice that water vapor produced out of the exhaust after installing the HG-Mira Ver. 3.0.
No more carbon Monoxide to pollute the air... Lets make our environment GREEN.

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